Paradox steel


Weldment for a German customer

We would like to inform you that at the end of 2015, we produced welded to the paint shop for a customer in Germany.

Summary 2015

Dear customers,
We would like to thank you for their support in the last year. Here is a little look back at last year, about what everything we had spread and what all we could.
News 2015 in our sortiment:
- NDT non-destructive testing
- semi-automatic double column band saw
- CNC cutting machine
- pipe bending under heat
- automatic welding machine
- NC steel plate bending machine
- floor type horizontal boring mill

We believe that extending our services to these new projects will contribute to your satisfaction and cooperation. Our priority remains the quality of the products supplied, corresponding technical standards and your requirements.

Already we are looking forward that we will be able in the near future to inform about the launch of our other exciting projects.

Floor type horizontal boring mill

We would like to inform you,
horizontal boring panel is new in our product range.
Machine for the precise coordinate milling, drilling, boring and tapping particularly suitable for machining of box, plate-like workpieces made of cast iron, steel and other machinable materials machined, in particular for workpieces of large dimensions and weight.
- horizontal crosswise adjustment of the column x 3000 mm
- vertical spindle adjustment Y 2000 mm
- work spindle traverse W 800 mm
- work spindle diameter 130 mm

NC Steel plate bending machine

Dear customers,
We would like to inform you about new technology in our company.
Bending technology represents one of manufacturing in the field of sheet metal forming. It is a production of bearing structures of buildings, pipes, pipe accessories, containers for storage. Bending technology is unique in that, in many case produces parts that would make other method would not be possible or their production is complicated and costly.
- maximum sheet width 3000 mm
- maximum thickness 30 mm
- the control systém NC

Automatic welding machine

Welding machine news in our product sortiment.
Longitudinal welding machine is designed for welding longitudinal butt and corner joints or stainless steel plates by SAW.

- max. range column vertical diretion 3200 mm
- max. working range boom hoizontal direction 3300 mm
- swivel column 360°
- max. travel positioners 27000 mm

Pipe bending under heat

Dear customers,
We would like to inform you about another news in our produce sortiment.
Pipe bending under heat (W 37 YPC - 820) bends made of our pipes and tubes supplied by the customer.

- minimum dimension of bent tube 88,9x4,0 mm
- maximum dimension of bent tube 820,0x30,0 mm
- minimum bend radius 2,5xD
- bend radius with arm 200-9000 mm
- bend radius with push aside roller from 9000 mm

Our priority remains the quality of the products supplied, corresponding technical standards and your requirements.
We look forward to further cooperation with you.

CNC cutting machine

New CNC cutting machine.
We produce custom shapes from metal or from metal supplied by the customer.
With the help of the cutting machine produce eg. Segment. elbows, Tees, pipe lids.

- maximum sheet width 3000 mm
- maximum length of sheet 12000 mm
- maximum thickness 250 mm
- Cutting speed 0-20 m/min

Semi-automatic double column band saw

We would like to inform you,
newly divided input material semi-automatic double column band saw.

- max. work-piece clamping 1300 mm

We will be pleased if this news will lead to your satisfaction and cooperation.

NDT non-destruktive testing

We would like inform you about new opportunities.
In our testing room our specialist will make the following non-destructive testing on all products.
- Ultarsonic testing
- X-ray testing
- Magnetic testing
- Penetration testing
- Visual testing
- Testing for Leakage
- Electromagnetic testing

We believe that this news will lead to your satisfaction and cooperation.

Announcement of change of company´s headquarters

In the reason of oncoming finish construction of new shed our company had changed her headquarters since 25. 6. 2014.

New headquarters:

Štěpaňákova 757/36
719 00 Ostrava - Kunčice

We would like to ask you for change of this fact in your registr.
All correspondence send on company´s headquarters.

All another identity figures of company remains unchanged.
Phone numbers, e-mail addresses of company and her employees remain unchanged too.


We would like to thank all our guests and business partners for visiting our booth at the trade fair in Düsseldorf 2014.

TUBE 2014 Düsseldorf

We are pleased to inform you that we will participate in this year´s trade fair „TUBE 2014“ in Düsseldorf. In our trade stand no. 7.0/ E16 we are going to display our latest products and we will be personally at the disposal of our bussiness friends with any additional services.

Owner of building plot

We have become owner of building plot in Frýdecká street in Ostrava - Kunčice since 1st July 2013. We have started with planned building of new production and storage areal.


We have moved!
The considerable expansion of our business has made it necessary to look for a suitable new location.

New address: Frydecká 708/462, Ostrava- Kunčice, 719 00

We have launched continuous blasting again

Technical machinery parameters have been strengthened in consequence of a long and complex reconstruction of continuous blasting equipment. You can reach very good quality of steel pipeline surface for its following processing by using of that service.
Wider offer of blasting is newly applied to the pipeline at the maximum diameter up to 406 mm and in the length of blasted material up to 13.5m. Fully automated equipment also allows the following application of synthetic and polyurethane coatings.

Certification procedure of FZM fibre-cement isolation

On the basis of increasing requirements from our customers and limited availability of the production of FZM fibre-cement isolation in the EU, we have decided to launch the production of the isolation in our factory in Paskov. Technical and Test Institute in Prague was delegated to judge the quality of product and technology according to the regulation GW 340. All requirements of the product were successfully met and on 6 December 2011 TZUS certificate No 204/C5/2010/060-035040 was issued. We believe that we could contribute by this step to the better accessibility of FZM isolation to our customers.

Working range of the equipment is from 33.7 to 1420 mm in the length of 1 – 18m. We produce the isolation in two variations:

standard FZM – N is used as external protection of PE isolation against mechanical damages within storing into the excavation in the difficult terrain
special FZM – S is used as external protection of PE isolation against mechanical damages within non-excavating horizontal extrusion.

PARADOX STEEL s.r.o. has already been for 10 years in the market

We would like to thank you to our business partners for confidence and favour that you expressed to us in previous years. This year we could celebrate the 10th anniversary from company launch especially because of you. Our main challenge is your trust into us and also the obligation into coming years for quality increase of our services and expansion of production. Finally, we wish you a lot of work and personal successes to be able to meet each other and celebrate further common anniversaries in future.

Cold pipe bending

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce you that we successfully completed the preparatory phase of the project “Cold pipe bending” and we have launched the implementation phase. Our bending machine KM-219 with CNC equipment, controlled by touch panel, is equipped by feeding and turning facilities that allow more complicated dimensional bending.

We can offer you the pipe bending of the following parameters:
diameter: 60 – 219 mm
radius: 130 – 1100 mm
angle: 0 - 190°

We believe that our service extension about the new project will contribute to your satisfaction and to deepening of our mutual cooperation. Our priority remains the quality of delivered products corresponding to the technical standards and your requirements.

We are looking forward that we will be able to inform you about launching of our other interesting projects in near future.

Business hours extension

On the basis of the half-year trial period that we passed successfully and we met with great success, we would like to inform our customers about business hours extension of our storehouse in Paskov till 21:00hrs. Business hours extension will contribute to the faster order completion, to shortening of waiting time and more flexible carrier load. We would ask our customers that are interested in the using of extended business hours to inform our business department till 15:00hrs. at the latest, to be arranged the conditions of consignment collection. In the afternoon hours the administrative agenda is limited.

We believe that business hours extension will contribute to the improvement and extensive effectiveness of our services to our customers and lead to the satisfaction and better cooperation.